Vitamix vs Ninja

So which one do you choose? You’ve probably heard fantastic things about both blenders. Here we aim to give you the facts so you can make an informative choice as to which to buy. It’s the Vitamix vs Ninja in our comparison test. For a quick comparison we’ve included a table at the bottom of the review with the pros and cons of each but for a more detailed analysis and to find out which will save you save you time and money then read on…


Let’s start with the Vitamix.


Considered the top of the range by many a professional chef the Vitamix is packed full of features that will make your life in the kitchen very easy indeed. Used in restaurants, bars and the finest cooking schools this piece of kitchen wizardry is the standard that many people want. The workhorse of the Vitamix is a Swedish designed 2 Peak Horsepower motor which has four laser cut blades that tear down the cell walls of fruits and vegetables, making vital nutrients more readily available for your body to absorb. The blender does more that just blend and liquify, it has a whole host of tricks that you don’t always get with other machines. You can cook steaming hot soup in a matter of minutes or create creamy ice cream in under 30 seconds.

The traditional polycarbonate containers (found in the early 2007 models) have now been replaced with an even more durable copolyester called Eastman Trita.  The new jar is not only stronger, but is also significantly more chemical and heat-resistant, is quieter during operation, and contains no Bisphenol-A (BPA) commonly found in polycarbonate.

This is no lightweight machine, coming in at just under 5KG (11lbs) you really get a feel that this thing is well built. It’s also 20′ (52cm) tall making it ever so slightly bigger when comparing the Ninja Blender vs Vitamix

The Vitamix is so well made that low friction ball-bearings are built to last a lifetime. This means it would be the only blender you ever have to buy. The spill proof lid and easy grip handle have been well though through as to prevent any minor annoyances (such as spillage) that you may get with cheaper blenders while pouring your liquid. The lid also contains a stopper for the tamper so you wont accidentally hit the blades when your pushing those thick bits of food to the bottom.The blender is marked for measuring purposes in ounces, cups and litres – holing a maximum of 80oz or 10 cups.

If there still aren’t enough gadgets already included in the package you can opt to buy a dry blade, this is particularly useful for grinding of whole grains and beans into flours, powdering sugar, and making bread crumbs.

The only real negative with the Vitamix is the cost. Having a RRP of £599.99 ($900) for the pro version and between £400 – £500 ($650 – $820) for the standard version means coughing up a serious amount of money for the machine.


So what’s it actually like to use?

Essentially a dream come true. I’ve used many sub standard blenders in the past. It really is the attention to details that make this worth the money. Theres no job too big or too small for this machine, you can just keep loading more and more fruit or vegetables into it and it keeps on going. You can even create pancake batter, smoothies, Ice cream, chocolate fondue, salsa and even cake mixtures in this machine. This really is the only machine you will need

When it comes to cleaning the machine it couldn’t be much easier, all that you are required to do is fill the machine 1/4 full of water with a bit of detergent and run of full speed for about a minute. Then simply give it a quick rinse and you’re done



The Ninja Professional Blender

Ninja Professional

The Ninja Blender is certainly a good preforming blender. I’ve used one in the past myself and it certainly has produced some excellent tasting smoothies and juices. The machine is very easy to use and pretty much comes assembled right out of the box, a quick rinse and you’re ready to go. The Ninja blenders all come with a two year warranty as standard.

One of the main advantages of this blender is it’s cost. Coming in at under £70 ($100) you really cant complain for what you are getting. The pitcher, lid and assembly are all dishwasher safe, so you can simply put them in the dishwasher and not worry about them. The parts are also reasonably priced compared to that of the Vitamix, blades, pitchers, lids and accessories are much cheaper, so this thing won’t cost the earth to run and maintain.

The pitcher is measured to hold 72oz (2 litres or 9 cups)  however like the Vitamix it can hold a little bit more. There are 4 modes available which are labelled 1, 2, 3 and pulse. These produce a slow, medium, fast and pulsing speed respectively.The machine itself is 17 inches tall (43cm) and will fit on most countertops with cupboards above them

The Ninja professional has 6 stainless steel blades which can easily turn ice cubes into a powdered snow in just a few seconds – making those cocktails look like there from a bar. The non slip base also has room for storing the cable which comes in handy for transporting it or simply storing it away in the cupboard

On the negative side though I have found that the blade does tend to wear down a little quicker then I would like, however it does out last pretty much all other blenders at this price point. If you are looking a making the occasional smoothie, bit of ice cream or fruit drink then you will certainly get a few years out of this machine. However if you’re using it everyday you may come to the end of it’s life span a little quicker then you may anticipate.

So what’s it actually like to use?

This machine is brilliant as a stand alone blender making smoothies, ice cream and juices but thats about it. It handles a decent load but can over heat when making large amounts of slush from ice cubes ( the instructions do warn you of this though). It then requires a 15 minute cooling down period which isn’t ideal if your making food for the masses. It’s also easy to look after and can take a bit of punishment.


In Summary 

When it comes to deciding between the Ninja blender vs Vitamix then if you have the money then buy the Vitamix, you certainly won’t regret it. I certainly wouldn’t choose any other blender as you don’t really know what your missing until you have it. Making warm soup from cold vegetables for example, it will save you time and money as you simply won’t need to add the mixture to a pan and heat it up once you’ve created your soup. You are getting an absolute work of engineering when it comes to creating foods in the kitchen. If it is however too expensive then buy the Ninja blender, you’re getting a high tech blender with many features for a very reasonable price. This is a fantastic piece of kit for the money, overshadowing many similar products on the market at that price range.


Vitamix vs Ninja

ProsThe only blender you will ever have to buy in your life.

Can effectively mix dry ingredients into powders.

Multi functionality

Well built and the motor comes with a 7 year guarantee.

Used by professional chefs all over the world - makes it great for home use or at work.

Well thought out design and feels very well made

Made in the USA

Vented Lid
Price (both the machine and parts).

Great for use at home
ConsPriceThe blade tends to wear out with frequent use.

limited use (smoothies, ice, juices and ice cream)

Tends to produce a less smooth finish after blending compared to the Vitamix


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